Avner Shanan

Mentorship, Software Engineering, Maintenenance and Care

Jellyvision Tech Podcast: Helped host and produce episodes for a short-lived podcast series. I hosted two episodes: one on the mentorship program I helped develop and run, and one on getting into software development.

Message From 2016 (Archived): The election of Donald Trump in 2016 left many Americans shocked and saddened. In collaboration with my good friend Matt Baker and my wife Deana Rutherford, we built a site that would give people the chance to capture those powerful feelings before they subsided so that we could send them back before the mid-term elections. Source available on GitHub.

Parametric Living Hinge Generator (Archived): Living hinges, also known as flextures, are an incredibly neat way to add a hinge to a flat stiff material (like wood or plastic). Living hinges can be used to make some very cool projects. A web form, inspired by Rahul Bhargava’s box maker, that would turn your parameters into a living hinge in SVG suitable for cutting with a laser cutter. The library behind that web form can be found on GitHub.

PS: One BioSensor Array (Archived): Pumping Station: One’s entry in the 2011 Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. An Arduino based platform for monitoring biosignals such as heart rate, temperature, and galvanic skin response. We were one of three finalists from hackerspace teams from across the globe that were invited to the 2011 Bay Area Maker Faire to present our projects in front of a group of judges.</p>

URL Shortener: This project is an attempt to explore various programming languages by writing the same non-trivial program in multiple languages. The first version was written in PHP and can be found on GitHub.

Chicago Food Inspections Explorer (Archived): This project used the food inspection data published by the City of Chicago to help consumers make more informed dining decisions. Users could either search by restaurant name or address or install the Firefox Add-On to have the results displayed while they surf Yelp. Both the xpi and the source for the add-on are still available.