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Out of Context: Link Round Up


A pair of articles on observability, the first from Hazel Weakly, and the second a “yes and” response to Weakly’s from Fred Hebert. Between the two of them there’s a lot of good history, context, and nuance - after reading these articles I feel more confident in my thinking around “how to do observability.” Worth reading both articles if you’ve ever sat there wondering “okay, but where do I start?” when it comes to observability.

On power and and being a manager, this essay is excellent: You’re Always Carrying a Cannon

Since I have a little more time on my hands than I used to, I’ve been doing a bit of exploration into technical spaces I have been interested in but haven’t really had the spare capacity to engage with.

Memes n’ Such

And, last but not least, some good stuff from the internet. Not necessarily new, but new to me!